Our Work

In 2018 one of the largest food retail groups in Belgium was looking for a future-proof IT solution to manage its 800+ stores in Belgium.

The initial objectives of one of the largest food retail groups in Belgium were:

To replace the different legacy systems in its 800+ stores by a single “hyper-converged” appliance per site.

The new appliances should contain build-in redundancy, should be easy to set-up and require a lot less maintenance than the legacy systems.

To reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by saving on the hardware costs, on the operational costs via a reduction in headcount (due to improved automated & centralized patching, and a reduction of the need for on-site interventions) and a reduction in energy costs.

To reduce, primarily by standardization and virtualization, the huge costs associated to the necessary support and maintenance contracts.

To Improve centralized partner and user access to the infrastructure in a very secure way.

To improve business continuity

To provide the foundations for central reporting and monitoring.


To introduce a future-proof platform, capable of supporting all future store-related infrastructure and devices

This very successful implementation in 2019 of this newly developed concept to support RoBo (remote offices / branch offices) sites resulted in 2020 in the creation of I-LAN, a newly formed Belgian start-up specialized in Edge computing solutions for the RoBo market.

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The first products from I-LAN, OneBox and OneCloud, have been build using all the good concepts developed as part of the solution for one of the largest food retail groups in Belgium.

Here we used Scale Computing for simple management and self-healing technology.