The OneCloud provides a flexible hybridization of the Remote Branch infrastructures and the customers Core applications in the cloud or private data centers. The OneCloud provides a hybrid or multi-cloud management framework that will provide greater operational agility and power to identify, analyze and respond quickly to incidents or changes all over the world. The power of OneCloud central management, is the ease of set up. Automated processes will provide a flexible and full deployment of the RoBo sites (Remote Branch and Offices)

The uses of enterprise technology will protect and serve all the branch IT & business processes. And it will ensure industries best standards to secure the full environment. The efficiency in deploying and maintaining servers, applications and finally your business processes is guaranteed by the service of the OneCloud

  1. All remote sites are controlled by the central Managament System
  2. IAM & User management integrated with ADFS, AD, AAD, SSO
  3. Logging, monitoring, security all integrated   (different modules)
  4. All local applications can communicate with Backend in a secure way.
  5. Cloud connectivity directly into Azure infrastructure
  6. Automated Deployment of network, compute and security around the world wide
  7. User-friendly central management interfaces
  8. Easy operations ​

Customer advantages

  • Reduction of TCO on overall management
  • Operational cost reduction (resources, IT experts)
  • OpEx conversion –> Purchases under one contract 
  • OpEx conversion –> physical infrastructure to virtual
  • OpEx structure –> traditional different -vendors, -invoices, -HelpDesk