Edge Compute as a Service

A simple & fully integrated server  system :

  • High availability hardware
  • Easy VM Management & Deployment
  • Easy virtualized networking
  • Highest Security standards
  • Best in class access control

A powerful combination of hardware and software

A full solution to virtualize, securize and access all sites

Simple, one-click management capabilities reducing labor cost to a minimum

And … Affordable

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Cost reduction of min 50% TCO


Enterprise full Security concept


Business  continuity SLA 99,99%


Standardize, automate and optimize all business processes


Standardize, automate and optimize all infrastructure processes

The OneBox helps IT professionals to install and manage edge networking and computing simply, reliably, and predictably by combining power; compute; networking; security- and access management in one software suite.

It adds the necessary services into prepackaged rack solutions that can be deployed globally around the world in any environment.

From Retail to Industry 4.0, from building management to maritime industry: the OneBox deliver an unseen stability with true reliability to support the customer’s applications; security; data management and access management, to any system connected to the remote sites, adapted to every RoBo environment.

Centrally managed and controlled by the OneCloud, this self-healing system will take control over the local networks and infrastructure, consolidating and running the complete local IT, while all local applications, servers and networking are now virtualized and managed from the OneBox.

By means of the abstraction of hardware and software, the customer no longer needs hands on site of the remote locations, and failures are replaced by a standard warranty contract with i-Lan. When a failing component has been replaced, the new device will be added into the system to heal itself by automated processes.

All other Incidents on the RoBo sites are managed by the software, running as software, accessible with a smartphone from anywhere in the world. The Virtualization of the OneBox also ensures the uptime of applications, networks, security and access to all other IoT devices in the remote sites

We use the features of the hardware component which we integrate and we provide a layer on top of these components.

This provides the following benefits:

  • Multiple layers of security
  • Choice of AntiVirus engine balances performance and provides security options for your environment
  • Provides you with the ability to enforce VoIP security on your network
  • Combination of multi-threat security, traffic optimization and VPN technologies provide clean, accelerated and secured communications
  • Provides you with comprehensive protection combined with granular and business relevant policies


Provides you with simplified, optimized and acceptable use policies so you can limit browsing to certain sites if needed